Killing of Soldiers at Nembe by Unknown Gunmen

On the issue of the security breach in Nembe which is one incident too many. You will recall that sometime last year, in the same community and location, there was this kind of attack where soldiers were murdered in cold blood while protecting our waterways and communities. I’ve just signed a letter condoling with the services concerned on account of that. I like to use this opportunity to offer my condolences to the military command, the commanders, colleagues and families of the soldiers who were murdered in cold blood in Nembe, Bayelsa State.

I will be summoning the Traditional Ruler of the area, the Chairman of the council and after that I will have a meeting with other critical players in that region to discuss the security developments. However, we frown and condemn the action in its totality and we are very concerned. I received briefings as soon as the incidence occurred but these are military security issues and I can only divulge as much information.

I believe that the military has already put out the exact facts and figures and our duty id to work with them and other security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators do not rest, are followed up and hunted down.

They must face justice. Maybe from this incident, we will also get a clue as to what happened last year and also previous security breaches in that part of our state.

The military high command understands that this was an isolated, calculated cold blooded murder and has nothing to do with the peace loving people of Ogbolomabiri and infact the entire Nembe LGA. I want to thank the military commanders on ground for that understanding.

As soon as this incidence occurred, I asked the Deputy Governor of the state who incidentally is from the area concerned to proceed on a visit and his visit gave us further insight and proved to be very helpful also in dowsing the tension and apprehension. The commander of Operation Delta Safe, Admiral Okojie was physically on ground and I want to thank him, his officers and all the military officers for the various steps they took to reassure the law abiding people of the are concerned.

As a government, we have ignited our community information dissemination systems and we are in touch with the people and all are working together with the security agencies to unravel the true identity of persons who carried out this dastardly act so we can bring them to justice.

I use this opportunity to call for calm in that area and assure you all that Nembe remains relatively peaceful and there are no major breaches save this isolated one and therefore call on all the citizens to be at peace and go about their normal lives. I also ask the leaders of the various levels to spend more time in their domains and in their communities so they can be on top of these developments and liaise with the security agencies and government.