General Africa as Chairman of Waterway Security Committee

Bayelsa remains largely peaceful and I give credit to the work of the security agencies and the good people of the state and of course everyone understands the policy trust of our government as far as the maintenance of law and order is concerned.

We do not politicize security and that’s why recently, most of you were shocked when I appointed an APC Chieftain, Africanus Okparasia (A.K.A. General Africa) as chairman of the state water way committee.

Only an open minded, open hearted, without bitterness, forward looking, general interest focused and all-embracing government that could have done that. And he and his team have been carefully selected because they understand our peculiar terrain and also the actors.

Already, their work is showing results. However, I have always called on federal officials not to politicize security when they visit Bayelsa.

My duty here is to give support by mobilizing the state to support the police force, The SSS, Operation Delta safe, the Nigerian Army, Navy, Civil defense and all the federal agencies who are here and I take that very seriously.

That’s why in the past four years of my government, you have never seen the opposition harassed. People go about their normal lives. It is the business of critics to criticize and it is my duty to govern and do what I believe is in the best interest of the people.

As you all know, there is security for everybody in this state irrespective of the political divide and I want that to be a code of operation for all security officials who come to Bayelsa. It is your right to subscribe to any political affiliation but I will not allow anybody to politicize security.

Already, I have made some of these issues known in certain quarters that need to. We have condoned and managed enough from some Abuja based politicians who believe in sponsoring violence and criminality under the guise of one political party or the other.

If they do not desist, we will take formal actions against them. Political ambitions and disagreements are normal but we must all work together to achieve security of lives and properties, maintenance of law and order and ensuring that our country does not suffer any major security hitches from Bayelsa. I will not allow Bayelsa to be used as a launching pad for criminality, violence or any breach of national security.