Bayelsa State Election Tribunal Matter

I give thanks to God and also appreciate the support of the good people of the state which they have continued to show.

My opponent in the last general election never had any credible case. He lost the election completely and this before the entire world. It is unfortunate that politics in our country is such that political leaders who loose in an election still believe that the judiciary can in some way award them the victory they couldn’t earn through the votes of the people.

I won in seven LGAs and even in the eighth (Brass) as the scientific analysis later revealed. He would have earned more credit and respect by calling to congratulate me like our former president did instead of spreading political propaganda simply because his party controls power at the federal level, claiming a crime was committed in his favour.

That in itself is subversion of justice – a crime. Only Nigeria can tolerate a situation where certain politicians attempt to destroy all institutions in their desperation for power. This crop of politicians are of the perception that the Nigerian Judiciary can be politicized, intimidated, blackmailed and manipulated to subvert the popular will of the people.

This is mindset they went to court with because I’ve read and followed the proceedings all through and between the two of us; we all know who the lawyer is. He has no case to present before any impartial court or tribunal and he does not have a case any day.

The tribunal that they themselves put together looked at everything and said he didn’t have a case and they struck out the case on all the issues he raised. I should think that by now he has realized that the hand of God is involved in this game of power and there’s something in the governorship that counts for more than you which is the people.

That matter was a simple distraction and he has lost again. Having said all this, I must mention that these issues are political and I want to use this opportunity to invite him as I have always done and the few people with him, who make up a tiny minority as the elections revealed still, to join hands with us to build our state at these trying times. I believe he has a role to play as leader of his party and I am waiting to see what he will attract to the state by way of influencing big appointments and contracts in this APC led federal government. I am waiting to cooperate and work with them.