Creation of African International University, Toru-Orua

In my inaugural address during the campaigns, I made it clear that we were going to invest massively in education and the results of the investments we have made in primary and secondary education is visible in our performance in all national examination as they keep going up.

We have built several and will yet build boarding schools despite the economic realities. Some of them will resume this year and it will host between four to six thousand young people to prepare them for national and international examinations.

Now that is a revolution and already the test run has started at the teacher’s training academy where about three hundred Bayelsan boys and girls are being groomed for the past three months.

Note that this is the first time in the history of this state where this is happening where we now have students in a boarding environment, where the government is setting up boarding facilities.

The last government that did that was Late Chief Melford Okilo and King Alfred Deite-Spiff both of the old Rivers State however; they did not invest in boarding schools. Now we have stepped it up by building boarding schools.

We even carried out major maintenance for schools that previously have boarding facilities. With this kind of huge investment, you need to have a terminal point and also expand the scope of tertiary opportunities.