Bayelsa State rich agricultural output is largely exported unprocessed despite the significant increase in value if processed and packaged. The State’s Export Promotion Zones, port, and accessibility to Lagos and Abuja provides easy links to large markets, faster clearance of goods, and an opportunity to develop Yenagoa into a central location for importing, processing and exporting processed foods.

The southern region of Nigeria where Bayelsa State is located has one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. Bayelsa has the highest rainfall in Nigeria, with an annual average of approximately 140 centimetres per year (and up to 400 centimetres in some areas), with a short dry season (November to March). The agricultural base of Bayelsa State is extremely rich. Food and tree crops like cassava, plantain, sugar cane, coconut, oil palm, raffia palm, African mango, rubber and seasonal food crops like maize and fruits, as well as timber, are abundant locally and can also provide sources of raw materials for allied industries. The land and climate in Bayelsa State support the cultivation of both food and cash crops. These include oil palm, rubber, cocoa, rice, plantation, banana, yams, coco yams, coconut, cassava, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and pineapple. Some key investment focus areas are: